Sunday, January 29, 2012

More heartbreaks equals to one step closer to your right jar of Nutella

Assalamualaikum & Salaam sayang :)

"Love can't be forced nor planned. It'll happen if it's meant to be, irregardless of the distance, the time or the situation. But what is certain; love can definitely be worked upon. It needs to be 'watered' with patience, faith and lots of prayers..."

Warda S.Jaffar

Lumrah manusia to want someone to love and be loved in return, isn't it? So it's not something out of the norm to 'risk' yourself and 'go out there' to find someone who would 'fit' your idea of 'love'.

Unfortunately, love is not something that you can wished for and immediately get. If it was that easy, my, then everyone would not suffer and Facebook won't be 'flooded' with statuses/quotes on heartbreaks and how 'love hurts'. *shrugs*

Sometimes, I really do wished love was simple though. I wished sometimes men would really put themselves in our shoes before 'pursuing' us women. That they would first think, "Okay, I would not want other men to treat my sister/daughter 'that' way - so I shouldn't treat 'her' (the person he's dating/seeing) that way too.."

But as always, it's easier said than done...right?

And for the men's benefit, it's not fair to put all the blame on them too. As far as *some of them* they are concerned, they're putting themselves 'out there' too, they're risking their 'hearts' to find someone to love too.

Plus, as I've mentioned above - 'love can't be forced nor'll happen if it's meant to be...'

Heartbreaks sucks. It does. But as hard as it may be, everytime you go through a difficult situation especially one that involves feelings you've to be strong and know there MUST be a bigger and better plan for you.

Abah shared 'this' with me the other day, that no one in this world would escape their own share of heartbreaks and hardships - each and everyone of us would have to face their obstacles in their own way, and in their own time. Everyone would be tested with different challenges, but point is - none of us would go through a purely simple life. The 'winner' of these tests would be the one who doesn't lose faith in GOD, always persevered and never lose hope. :)

I know sometimes it's difficult for you (and me both) to really accept the fact that you have to be strong when undergoing a difficult obstacle, especially when it involves matters of the heart. But surely, GOD didn't put you on earth to only let you suffer. Surely all those tests that HE 'gave' you would ultimately lead to a happy ending, one that even you might have not expected. I'm certain that HE has a better plan for you. Everyone have their own purpose in life. I'm sure you do too...but as they say, 'patience is a virtue' patient you must be.

And when you're hurt and suffering, don't forget to treasure those that love and cares for you. Just because one person doesn't love you, that doesn't mean you should forget those who do. "Don't let those who hurt you tear you down. Let those who loves you fix you up!" :))

To those of you who are hurting, below is an excerpt or a statement that I've been meaning to share with you for a very long time but never got a chance to. I found it off the net, in tumblr to be exact. Hope it'll cheer you up! :))

"Look at it this way. You want a big ol' perfect jar of Nutella, right? Every guy that comes along that captures your heart and sadly breaks it, well he's just one tiny ingredient. I'm sure it took the Nutella guy a bunch of times until he finally got it just perfect. Each slob that breaks your heart is adding to your bowl of what you don't need/want and it gives you a better view of what you do want/need. More heartbreaks equals to one step closer to your right jar of Nutella. Take that one thing you liked about those guys and throw it in your bowl of your "Mr. Right Nutella". You'll know when it's time to mix it all up and pack it and spread it on a cracker!"

:) of course life doesn't work that way, that you can just select one thing that you liked and then try to find a guy/girl who fits your description of 'love'. But as mentioned above, "..more heartbreaks equals to one step closer to your right jar of Nutella.." so hopefully, once you've gone through all the 'wrongs', you'll be one step closer to your "Mr. Right"..

What doesn't kill you make you stronger, right? :) I hope in some way, this post has helped motivated/cheered you up. And I pray that GOD would ease your path in finding someone who loves you and appreciates you the way you should be loved & be appreciated, insyaAllah. Ameen.

Much love,


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  1. waaa.its really helps me sis =)
    anyway i love your writing its really motivated and inspiring.
    keep it up yea =D