Wednesday, May 18, 2011

.Mindless Blabbering.

Song playing in the background: Shontelle's "Say Hello To Goodbye"

I've all these pent-up emotions in my heart, (not too sure exactly what it is regarding) and I don't even know if my hands are able to type out everything that I'm currently feeling at the moment out onto this bloggy, or not.

Funny how a few years back; listening to the song above would leave me sobbing my heart out. I've tears now too. But this time around, it's not sad tears but a grateful one instead..praise to Allah.. :)

Life has changed dramatically these past two years. I've recently finished my MBA *weeee*, and I've got a great family who loves me (was about to say adore, but that's a tad too over kan? lol) and friends who treasures me. So Alhamdulillah sangat sangaaaaat! *beaming with happiness*

That's not to say that I don't have few problems of my own. I do. But perhaps, due to the above factors that I've listed above, I'm now able to accept all the mishaps and dissatisfaction that has happened to me or well, those that WILL happen to me in the future with a bit more ease. Is that the word? Pfft, not sure! But that's the word that came up to me awhile ago, so we'll use that word la kay? :)

Anws, having said that - I guess it also helps that of late, I've also been able to accept that things usually happens for a reason, most if not all the time. I've come to accept that sometimes, even though I've prayed so hard to get something, if it's not meant to be, it will never be. Allah. HE's just awesome laa. HE is. I'm certain that HE has a bigger plan for me, one that none of us can ever imagine in our wildest dreams. So, I guess..sometimes I need to stop worrying that much, and let it be. BUUUUT, of course I need to show some effort too. Cause with great effort, insyaAllah there'll be GREAT reward. I can't just do nothing and wait around for HIS reward, can I? And yes, I've to be patient too cause honey, patience is key ;)